Euro-Asfalt Ltd.

Uhlbacherstr. 39

70329 Stuttgart


Amir Pehilj

Tel: + 49 711 342 71441
Fax: + 49 711 699 63891

Since its inception, Euro-Asfalt Ltd. has maintained a branch office in Germany. As the best way to ensure a continuous presence in the German market, it allows us to engage in business ventures and maintain communication with our business partners. Among them are world-renowned companies with decades of tradition and experience: Isotech GmbH, Schweiger GmbH, Fritz GmbH, Gebruder Schneller GmbH, Scholz Bedachung GmbH, Brendl GmbH, and so on.

Our branch office has about 50 skilled builders and engineering managers. Euro-Asfalt GmbH (d.o.o. under BiH corporate law) has earned its good reputation by performing finishing construction works on world-famous buildings, including the Allianz Arena, the Porsche Museum, the Munich Airport, Sky, Premiere, RTL Cologne, Adidas Herzogenaurach, MAN Munich, etc.