Road and tunnel construction

Our concept focuses on diversity, experience, flexibility, innovation, and determination in finding the best solutions. Whether we are working on repairs, construction, expansion, resurfacing – on motorways or thoroughfares – it makes no difference to us. We have been, and continue to be engaged in construction projects across Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Montenegro, Libya, etc.

Our portfolio:
– A-level roads, expressways, motorways, international motorways
– rural roads, public roads, urban roads, carriageways
– low, medium, high and very high-capacity roads
– bridges
– runways
– roundabouts, office building exteriors

We use high-quality building materials in line with the latest quality standards, including all types of asphalt, concrete, various types of embankment materials, subbase materials, and limestone and granite aggregate fractions. Our scope of work also encompasses traffic signs, direction posts, drainage infrastructure, pipelines, building site preparation and finishing works.

Naše osoblje je iskusno i ima svu potrebnu opremu za izgradnju infrastrukture:
– sanitarne instalacije, separatora, kolektora, sistema odvodnje, sistema za navodnavanje, pročišćavanje, rezervoara…

Our employees are well-versed and well-equipped for the installation of plumbing infrastructure, wastewater separation and collection infrastructure, drainage systems, irrigation systems, water treatment facilities, reservoirs etc.

Our company has also been involved in the construction and reconstruction of various sports facilities, running tracks, tennis courts, all types of sports grounds and gym floor covers, swimming pools, golf courses, football fields, ice rinks, bike lanes, etc.
In 2010, we added road and motorway tunnel construction to our portfolio. In the past few years, we have made great investments into our technological “know-how” and our tunnel building equipment.