„Euro-Asfalt“ Ltd. has nearly 600 permanent employees with years of experience on the local and international markets.


1996 – 2004

  • Establishment of
    Euro-Asfalt d.o.o. based
    in Sarajevo, B&H, and
    representative office in
  • Continuous growth of
    the company, Progress and
    development of personnel
    and equipment;
  • Acquirement of the
    various references
    related to the works of
    civil engineering and
    construction: Bosmal
    City Centre, UNITIC, Eiffel
  • Reconstruction of roads
    in the Area of Sarajevo
    Canton, works in The
    Bosansko-podrinjski Canton,
    Reconstruction of main
    roads in SFOR Camp Butmir

2005 – 2006

  • Opening the branch office in Libya;
  • The construction and reconstruction of the main roads in Benghazi and Tripoli;
  • Local roads and service roads: A1 Podlugovi-Visoko, Reconstruction works on the roads in The Canton of Sarajevo, Reconstruction of roads in Zenica-Doboj Canton;
  • Establishment of BH Asfalt d.o.o. -a company with the most advanced High capacity asphaltbase by modern standards;
  • Bosmal City Centre


  • Implementation of ISO 9001: 2000;
  • Reconstruction of „Bilinopolje“ Stadium, The City„Arena“ Zenica;
  • Creating a new access route on the west of the City of Sarajevo- „Zapadni prilaz gradu“
  • „Džananović“ Object in
    Zenica, BBI Centar Sarajevo
  • Complete construction of A1 road section Dobrinje Kakanj


  • Establishment of D-Inženjering d.o.o.- Engineering, design, supervision, etc;
  • Construction of Sewage on TK A1 Dobrinje-Kakanj;
  • Reconstruction of „Alexin Han“ in Jablanica
  • Reconstruction of the „Grand Hotel Bristol“


  • Opening of the branch office in the UAE, Abu Dhabi- Construction of building;
  • Implementationof the new ISO 9001: 2008 standard;
  • Director of Euro-Asfalt d.o.o. Hamed Ramić awarded as „The Best Manager of Southeast And Central Europe;
  • Exploitation of quarries (Moščanica, Misoča);
  • A new activity of EuroAsfalt d.o.o. – Tunnel construction;
  • Construction of residental Complex“Mihrivode“, Sarajevo.
  • A1 Highway Corridor 5c Zenica-Sarajevo, Subsections Drivuša-Kakanj and Drivuša-Gorica;
  • Reconstruction of roads: Jošanica, Sarajevo-M14



  • Contracted new projects in the UAE Abu Dhabi;
  • Euro-Asfalt d.o.o. stars building the first highway tunnel in Bosnia-approx. 3 km long „Vijenac“ tunnel;
  • Construction of highway in south part of country Kravice-Bijača (approx. 5 km);
  • Brilliant statistic in passing national and international tenders – about 85% positive outcomes;
  • Branch office in Germany gets about 30 staff more.
  • New equipment for mechanization, for site also as for tunnel.


  • Construction of main infrastructure roads in Zenica (approx. 7,8 km)
  • Reconstruction of tram
    tracks in Sarajevo (approx. 2,8 km)
  • Reconstruction of infrastructure road in Ilijaš (approx. 3,13 km)
  • Implementation of ISO 14001: 2009 standard Environment Management System;
  • Contracted about 800.000,00 EUR Works in branch office in Germany;
  • Project construction of section Motorway A1 Vlakovo-Tarcin in three Subsections VlakovoLepenica, Lepenica-Suhodol and Suhodol-Tarčin lenght 20 km;
  • Establishment of company SAC T&C d.o.o.- System and Control-Testing and Consulting – laboratory and control


  • New projects in middle east Qatar/UAE and in continued Growth in Germany
  • Construction of the Tunnel Vijenacon the corridor Vc, section Drivusasection Drivusa-Kakanj by NATM (two tunnel pipes 2.949 m and 2.914 m)
  • Construction on Corridor Vc Butila-Vlakovo – Construction of the Sarajevo`s bypass, LOT 3A Length 3,31 km
  • Construction of the highway on Corridor Vc Section Svilaj-Odzak length
    10,8 km
  • Project reconstruction and construction “Stupska petlja” in Sarajevo Building a new bridge and two ramps for the descent, expanding the city longitudinal, making new footpaths, construction of bike paths, making the pedestrian corridor


  • A Consortium of B&H companies led by
    EuroAsphalt chosen to work on projects Lot 2a i Lot 2b who present continued work on the Sarajevo bypass
  • Construction of the tunnel Belquize in Albania, length 460 m
  • Reconstruction and construction of multi level car garage which is located within shopping center Euro Park in Maribor, Slovenia.
  • Project- Airport „Munich“ Germany

2015. – 2016.

  • In Slovenia, a contract was signed on initial construction works on the highway A4 Slivnica – Gruskovje border crossing, subsection AC Drazenci – IBC Gruskovje in the value of EUR 7.5 million. The project was completed before due date;
  • In Slovenia, a EUR 110 million contract was signed – to construct second phase of the highway Drazenci – Gruskovje, approximately 5.8 km long. The route includes a tunnel, three overpasses, one underpass and eight bridges;
  • Construction of LOT-a 2A and 2B of the Sarajevo Bypass, section Butila – Brijesce was completed;
  • Contract on continuation of construction of the Sarajevo Bypass, LOT 2C, was signed;
  • Contract on continuation of construction of the Corridor Vc, subsection Klopce – Pecuj (Donja Gracanica) was signed;
  • In Montenegro, a BAM 84 million contract was signed – reconstruction and construction of the road Berane – Kolasin, some 14 km in length.