A construction agreement was signed today at the Slovenian Motorway Company’s (DARS) headquarters, officially entrusting the Bosnian-Herzegovinian company Euro-Asfalt with the construction of the 5.77 kilometres long Section IIa of the Draženci-Gruškovje motorway (towards the Slovenian-Croatian border crossing). The project envisions the construction of carriageways, the Gruškovje border crossing plaza, Zakl slip road, and the area designated for placement of silos. It also includes the aligning of local and regional roads, building of sound barriers and landscaping work, along with the construction of a tunnel, three flyovers, one underpass, eight bridges, 14 culverts and 19 retaining walls./p>

The total cost of the project is 110 million KM. This is the second construction bidding won by this company in Slovenia in only eight months. In August of last year, Euro-Asfalt signed an agreement worth 15 million KM on the construction of Draženci-Gruškovje motorway subsection, stage IIb – LOT2. On behalf of DARS, the agreement was signed by CEO Tomaž Vidic. He congratulated Euro-Asfalt and expressed hope that the agreement will be fully implemented.

Euro-Asfalt CEO Hamed Ramić thanked the Slovenian investors for their trust and openness, adding that he expects Euro-Asfalt to stay true to its reputation, earned at another construction project which was launched last August. The implementation of this project is progressing according to schedule.

The time for completion is 32 months, while the tunnel needs to be built within 20 months.