The project envisions the construction of 5c Corridor motorway section Svilaj-Odžak. The length of the section is 5.6 kilometres, along with 4.5 kilometres of access roads. The motorway passes through an area of weak natural formation. For this reason, the prefabricated deep foundation technology will be used for the first time in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The total length of inserted piles exceeds 1.6 million metres. The Svilaj-Odžak section also includes two underpasses, two flyovers, one wildlife crossing and two bridges, Potočani and Odžak.

Only the first stage of construction has been completed so far, having in mind that the road is being built on weak soil. The next stage will involve consolidation of the embankment, as well as the compressible formation soil which is affected by its own weight. Geomechanical analyses have concluded that it will take 15 months for proper consolidation, after which the second stage – i.e. the paving of upper layers of the motorway – can begin. The construction is expected to resume in March 2017, and the second stage should be completed by the end of the 2017 construction season.

Despite the poor weather conditions, high concentration of groundwater, and weak formation soil unsuitable for motorway or building construction, the project is proceeding according to set schedule.