The project envisions the reconstruction of two intersections: Džemal Bijedić St and Alija Kučukalić St (the first roundabout has been completed), as well as Safet Zajko St, Alija Kučukalić St and Tuzla St (the second roundabout is under construction). It also includes the repaving of Tuzla St. At both intersections, the traffic light system will be replaced by circular traffic.

The project will also include the replacement of plumbing and sewage outlets with an entirely new surface water drainage system. The existing street lights will also be replaced. The construction of the first roundabout is expected to be completed in the following few days, along with the relocation of water pipes under the second roundabout. The second roundabout will be finished by the end of the construction season.

The construction work is progressing without any traffic disruptions on the existing intersections.