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A construction agreement was signed at the Slovenian Motorway Company’s (DARS) headquarters in Ljubljana, officially awarding a construction project worth 15 million KM to the Bosnian-Herzegovinian company Euro-Asfalt Ltd. from Sarajevo. The construction is expected to begin within 28 days.

The project envisions the initial construction stages of the A4 motorway section between Slivnica and Gruškovje border crossing, subsection AC Draženci-MMP Gruškovje, Stage IIb. Euro-Asfalt stated that this agreement serves as further proof of BiH companies’ worth in international markets.

After signing the agreement, Euro-Asfalt CEO Hamed Ramić stated: “Euro-Asfalt has already entered many foreign markets, and we are grateful to the investors for recognizing our abilities. We hope that our cooperation with Slovenia will continue beyond this project. Our idea is to kick-start the construction sectors in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia. We hope that our initiative for a merging of large regional companies will be met with approval and that very soon we will be able, as a strong consortium, to enter biddings for large projects not only in the region, but also globally. This primarily applies to the Middle East, where there is a great shortage of construction companies.”

Head of DARS Management Matjaž Knez stated that he expects from Euro-Asfalt the proper application of environmental and professional standards, high-quality output and, if possible, the completion of construction works ahead of schedule.

The time for completion of the project is 12 months.
Source: http://www.faktor.ba/vijest/euro-asfalt-u-sloveniji-dobio-posao-vrijedan-15-miliona-km-178120